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Septic System Repairs

Because there are mechanical and electrical components on an aerobic septic system, there are opportunities for things to go wrong. Crossroads Septic Solutions has a team of licensed technicians that are skilled at determining and repairing any malfunctions with your aerobic wastewater treatment system. We also guarantee that our work will be honest and at a fair price.  Oh, and we answer calls on the weekend too.


Septic System Maintenance

CSS offers maintenance contracts for new and existing septic systems.  A maintenance contract allows our technicians to come out three times a year and check your system's operation. Routine inspections also often give us the opportunity to catch and repair a small problem before it turns into a large one. For commercial systems we send samples from the system to an independent company for testing. The reports that are generated go to you, as the customer, as well as the permitting authority for review so that everyone has peace of mind that the system is operating as it should. Terms and conditions are better defined in our maintenance agreement. 

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