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Aerobic Septic Systems

An aerobic septic system is a closed system that takes in raw sewage from a residence or a business.  This sewage arrives first in a chamber where solids and liquids will be allowed to separate.  Solids will settle on the bottom of this chamber while the left-over liquid, called effluent, will flow into a second chamber, the aeration chamber. Air is pumped into this chamber by an aerator through a diffuser which produces exponential bacterial growth.  The bacteria are responsible for the rapid decomposition of organic matter in the aeration chamber.  In the Proflo systems, a third chamber called a clarifier is utilized that allows residual solids to again settle at the bottom of this “quiet chamber”. The residual solids, AKA sludge moves back into the aeration chamber to be mixed with incoming effluent, all of which will continue to be digested by bacteria until it will again move into the clarifier.  This is a continual process the result of which is an eco-friendly effluent in a relatively short amount of time.  Once thoroughly treated, the now eco-friendly effluent moves into the pump tank.  As the effluent reaches a certain level in the pump tank, it is pumped out to be dispersed into the environment. For surface level disbursement (sprinklers), the effluent is chlorinated along the way to ensure disinfection before it reaches ground surface.

Some advantages of the aerobic septic systems

  • Excellent performance at a reasonable price

  • Quiet operation

  • Eco-friendly

  • Energy efficient

  • No internal filters to clean or get clogged

  • Increases property values

  • Aesthetically pleasing, as far as septic systems go


Gravity Flow System Installations


There are many factors to consider before installing a conventional gravity flow septic system.  The first step would be to do a site evaluation and determine the predominate soil type at the site.  Because of the prevalence of clay soil in the Victoria and surrounding counties, most sites will require an aerobic system. However, we are happy to evaluate your site and consider a conventional system if that is your preference.  We guarantee that we will give you all the information necessary in order to make the right decision for your property. We are committed to helping our customers make the best long term investment possible while also being as cost effective as possible. 

I think I need a new system.  What's next?

The first step is to talk to one of our licensed professionals about your current system or situation.  Once we get a few specifics, we can generate a customized quote. You will likely have many questions at this point and we are happy to answer them for you.  Once you decide to move forward with the install, the process of obtaining an official design and permitting with the county health department begins.  The length of this process varies  depending on the details of the property and any exceptions to the norm that might be present.  Once the health department for the county in which the property is located has approved the design, the install can finally be scheduled. 

Septic System Warranty

All new aerobic septic system installations with surface application come with a four year warranty and maintenance contract included in the price of the installation. The State requires each new system installed to be covered under a two year maintenance contract warranty, which is the State minimum. CSS believes strongly in the product and workmanship we provide which allows us to offer this unprecedented four year warranty. Terms and conditions are better defined in our contract. 

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